Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Goulash News


  1. Got the news from and through Hungary!
    Goulash wanted to go back where he got his name and suddenly started to talk and Argo#1 did also some unusual "thing".
    Does he wants to be a blogger?
    Welcome aboard! You'll find lot of fun.
    With blogger love: Blue bird:D:)

  2. Now Goulash is WELCOMED AS A NEWS REPORTER to the Nature Talks blog. It is a separate blog " Goulash talking" created by Argo ( Thanks a million) and inspiring more such events to happen.
    Nature Talks has many branches, because she is like a living tree bringing the wonders of Nature within the various blogs!
    Certainly Blue bird will not stay out of the reporting events and you will see what happens as she is trying to get into the limelight!:)

  3. Keep watching the upcoming postings with new blog titles like: Lillyput Adventures! Unfortunateky she does not know how to make it happen to have a little reporting news with clickble link-- yet. But if Argo can do it, Blue bird have to learn it.
    Friends will be invited, but the E-mail addresses has to be located. :-))))))))))))))))